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Brixham – English Riviera Geopark

Berry headThe charming, working harbour town of Brixham is also home to Berry Head, a dramatic, limestone headland and National Nature Reserve and a stunning new Geopark Visitor Centre. There are also some interesting features at sites such as Churston Cove, Breakwater Quarry and Sharkham Iron Mine.

English Riviera Geopark

Countryside Ranger at Berryhead

The English Riviera Geopark is a natural theme park, without the restrictions of opening times, entry fees or queues. Geopark status is awarded to areas of outstanding geological, archaeological, ecological and cultural value. What makes us so unique is that we are the world’s only urban Geopark. There’s no need to trek through the wilderness to enjoy everything our Geopark has to offer: it conveniently makes up one of the UK’s premier seaside resorts!

You will find Global Geoparks in some of the most stunning places of natural beauty in the world, encompassing countries as diverse as Australia, Brazil, China, Malaysia and Iran.

Our incredible geological journey has created the spectacular landscape we can all enjoy today, spanning over 400 million years when the English Riviera was located south of the Equator. To help bring the stories of the Geopark to life, eight sites (located on the map) have been designated as ‘gateways’ to help you to discover different aspects of our stunning environment.

To find out more about our distinct and beautiful bay, visit and download a leaflet. Alternatively to book a holiday or short break in the English Riviera Geopark visit or call 01803 211211.