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The train station and new bus station (opened June 09) are next door to each other and the main hubs for Bath.  Details:

  • Bath Spa Railway Station, Dorchester Street, Bath BA1 1SU
  • Bath Bus Station, Dorchester Street, Bath BA1 1SS

The bus and train hubs discharge you into the city centre.

Open top bus tours start/end at

  • Bog Island, Terrace Walk, Bath BA1 1LN

The bus tours travel to the main city centre destinations as well as the Skyline Tour, which as the name suggests takes a wider route offering panoramic views of the city.  Description –  ‘Working in conjunction with the National Trust, the Skyline Tour takes visitors away from the city centre, offering beautiful views across the city while linking with the American Museum, the University of Bath and the National Trust landscape garden at Prior Park. Both tours offer the hop-on/hop-off option’